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Thread: Posting Antipoints

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    Posting Antipoints

    Hi there

    I seem to be having some problems posting antipoints, and I want to make sure I'm doing nothing wrong before I affect other people's antipoints.

    Basically, when I'm trying to credit other people with positive antipoints it is showing up in my profile that I have given them negatives. This has happened twice in the past, and I am certain that I didn't select the wrong tickbox.

    Has this happened to anyone else ? I don't want to try to credit people with positives and in fact end up doing their rep harm.

    Thanks guys.

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    A green dot is a postive point
    A grey dot is neither positive or negative
    A red dot is a negative
    I don't have that problem don't know why you are
    and intill you reach 50 postive points the points you assign have no effect on other members

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    Now I do remember that when I first registerd and tried assigning AP's it said I always assigned negative ones. I think that once you reach 50 it should even back out.

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    Nice one, cheers for that (again) Cheyenne. That sounds like what is happening to me, I'll keep my eye on it.

    Thanks again !

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