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Thread: Anit Virus Software be Aware

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    Anit Virus Software be Aware

    Just a heads up since so many people were infected the last week or so. Be aware of who you seek for help. I did some testing of so called free help to remove sobig.f on google search was "Anti Virus Downloads" and what pops up but a place called Stop-Sign, sure for free you can scan for Sobig.F and other spyware. Down side is this scan will infect your system with spyware called eAcceleration (Digata Miner) while pointing out a competors spyware. In short while it may or may not remove Sobig.F it also installs it's own infection. So heads up all those NEWBIES that seek a cure for an infection any 15 day or 30 day trial of any major vendor before using a service like this it is simply pure explotation by marketing people. My test was one hour and several Ad-aware scans and manual removal of what allowing this site installs and how deep it hides things. Remeber if it's free it is to good to be true now! But dot not buy the sell Stop-Sign has paid for on Google, it i not free they will track your every move and serve you all sorts of ads.
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    Most or almost all of the major antivirus software companies provide software that'll remove major viruses for free on their websites. eg Symantec.

    You wouldnt need to use the other software. I think it would be a better to use these rather than using something not really known by most people.

    Anyway, thanks for the info. At least we know to stay clear of this.

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