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Thread: port 1024

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    port 1024

    help i need to block of this port, it like a gate way for hackers ARRGGHH!
    i just did a scan of my firewall from www.grc.com and out of the 1000's of ports it scaned only one was not blocked, 1024, i need to get rid of this port to acheive ultimate cleanliness... help!

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    What kind of firewall are you using? You should be able to manualy shut that port down.
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    i actually had this same issue a few days ago. grc reported everything stealth except 1024.

    zonealarm just wouldnt block the port.

    solution to the issue, download kerio firewall. http://www.kerio.com/kpf_download.html

    this firewall blocks everything grc.com can throw at it. even port 1024. its easy to use and just like everything else, it learns your system. you give permissions for your programs.

    my fax service uses port 1024, kerio permits usage but leaves the port stealth.

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    Here is what the site itself has to say about port 1024 http://grc.com/port_1024.htm

    Your firewall should have already been blocking this port; as MSgtN already asked, which firewall are you using, and do you have a router? It should be fairly easy to block this port at the router level, that is, if you have one.

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