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Thread: P2P Issue???

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    P2P Issue???

    Hello Everyone,
    I dont know how you people going to take this but this is a serious problem for me. My ISP that is a broadband Cable ISP has banned p2p clients andother file sharing programmes.When I asked them they came up with a lame excuse that they have been contacted by Warner Bros. and been requested to shut down the p2p services. Now this is a tin full oflies.Why a company only having 200 to 300 users would be contacted by Warner Bros. and secondly when i asked them for a copy of email or letter sent to them by Warner Bros. they simply said that they wont give it to their customers. I tried to argue with them at my best . But they are comfirtably dumb. I told them that in United States of America there are ISP's which have deployed Cache Engines for p2p sharing softwares. Now I want to use a p2p file sharing program. I tried to communicate with my ISP, to make it in a legal way..but they dont give a damm. Now I am really pissed off on my ISP for launching a false statement for banning p2p(despite, they have a local server on which they have a collection of around 10,000 songs, thats illegal too i guess, if they talk bout p2p and cable userrs can download any song or stream right away from their server at the speed of local ethernet).Now I want to use a p2p clienton my this ISP....Any susggestions.I would really appreciate. I hope you all understand my position.
    Thank you very much..

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    With the RIAA puttin' the boot up in ISPs asses, especially high speed ISPs, they may not be lying to you. Also they may be trying to cover there asses before anything does happen. Your only real option I think is to switch ISPs or deal with them.

    Yea I know it may suck but look on the bright side, your name wont be investigated for piracy, which is all company CEOs' think we do on those. I mean ****, when I actually have one installed, which is hardly ever, I download videos by bands you cant buy, and once in a while a song or two. And I downloaded House of 1000 corpses. If they wanted some of my ass over that, Id be more than happy to argue with them.

    If they dont want me downloading Rob Zombie's movie then they can ****in release it and I'll go buy it. Untill then **** em.

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    yes, warner and universal studios are sending letters to the ppl's isps.
    they asking for giving the details of the user to them,
    'cos thex trapped you while downloading and/or offering
    copyrighted material.

    but how are they banning p2p clients?
    closing specific ports?

    sry,may be i have not really understood...
    your isp was running a cache with stuff...???
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    Your ISP was probably just sick of losing money on bandwidth. As in, the bandwidth that p2p services were using cost more than your monthly fee. Look, your ISP doesn't have to do anything for you. If you don't like it, stop paying them and get another.

    On a more productive note, you could talk to them about traffic shaping. This can reduce the impact of p2p on their network. If they really were lying about the RIAA thing, then this might help.

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    u can still use HTTP Tunnel tio tunnel the data to port 80 and get the kaaza or other p2p software going....

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    Hey Thank you all for your suggetsions.
    Stanger can you give me some detail about RIAA sending letters
    to ISP's but they arent supposed to ban p2p clients. J3R might be right that they are
    doing this so that their bandwidth cannot be hogeed by p2p shares. Stanger, they are using a normal cache machine to cache all
    the browsing and surfing from the users. As this is a cable network with a fiber optic
    back bone and every user is connected to the ISP through a local area network. Now they
    have a local server for their LAN users(users normally get to the internet by cable modem
    connected to their ethernet cards or usb's). They have a huge collection of mp3's and movies taht is aroud
    10,000. Now if p2p is illegal what do they say about this server. Where its users can downlaod and stream
    these songs at the rate of 350 k to 400 k per second.Thats what it is all about.
    NullDevice I am looking for a further piece of advioce from you.
    and gore you might be right but i am more pissed off on my ****ing ISP for banning p2p, i still
    dont want to quit it becausse it gives you better surfing speed then ordinary dialup.
    Please do comment on this
    Bye Ommy

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    a friend from swiss got the following mail:
    (sorry it'S in german)
    Sehr geehrter Herr XXXXXXX
    Wir möchten Sie informieren, dass am 0x.06.03. 01:17 auf Ihrem Pc ein Musik/Film file zur verbreitung (morpheus,Kazaa,Edonkey) zum downloaden freigegeben wurde.
    Nun hat sich aber die Firma Universal Studio bei Ihrem Peer Program eingeloggt, und die Informationen uns zugesandt.
    Da aus Datenschutz Gründen, wir der Firma Universal Studio ohne richterliche Verfügung keine pers. Daten weitergeben dürfen, würden wir Ihnen doch gewisse Vorsicht in diesem Fall anraten. (die Vorsichtsmassnahmen überlassen wir Ihnen)
    Wir werden jedoch Universal Studio informieren, dass wir Sie auf diese illegale Tätigkeit aufmerksam gemacht haben.
    Title: Fast and The Furious, The
    Infringement Source: eDonkey
    Initial Infringement Timestamp: x Jun 2003 23:17:58 GMT
    Recent Infringment Timestamp: x Jun 2003 23:17:58 GMT
    Infringer Username: None
    Infringing Filename: The Fast And the Furious (German).avi
    Infringing Filesize: 691109888
    Infringers IP Address: xx.xx.xx.85
    Infringers DNS Name: 85.xx.xx.xx.dial.bluewin.ch
    Infringing URL: ed2k://xx.xx.xx.85:4662/The Fast And the Furious (German).avi
    mit freundlichen Grüssen
    Michael Perrenoud
    in short:
    Universal Studios tried to download their own movie.
    and logged all the IPs to those they connected
    the lists were given to the isp asking for user details
    isp had to deny if not forced by law
    isp told my friend to take care...

    in because of that and BSA spreading corupted parts of files
    there a long blacklist exists by now...
    using the ipfilter is recommended

    there are coming hard times for p2p users.

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    looking forward to you NullDeviec...waiting for your reply

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    oh i forgot to mention that my ISP allows P2P on corporate packages. Is'nt it cool???

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    I look at it this way; you are paying a fee to use the bandwidth they advertise. Blocking P2P software is a bit extreme and a poor business decision. It could be viewed as unethical in their corporate culture or they are bullied into believing their assets are at risk should a law suite ever come about because pirated software or music is passing through their network.

    Of course that could happen through web downloads and email as well. In fact I bet email spam is also a bandwidth hog, so maybe your email client is next. Then they may start filtering what particular internet sites you go to instead of just being a data conduit.

    Get another ISP and let them know why. If they are the only broadband company you have then you have to decide if it's worth the money to pay them for censored connection or use a tunnel or other P2P system.

    Hmm just a thought, if you are a huge p2p user maybe you were specifically targeted and the ISP is blocking you versus handing over your info. Might be extreme but you never know. Either way P2P programs are not illegal (yet) so it's bad business to selectively block protocols on an ISP.
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