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Thread: newbie needs some tips

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    Exclamation newbie needs some tips

    im real green at this security stuff, and need some pointers to protect my new computer from worms, viruses, and all that stuff. can an expert of some sort tell me what 2 do?

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    Umm, RTFM.

    Install Anti virii, update it, Install a firewall, keep it updated, Keep your OS up to date with all patches.

    Dont piss people off on IRC. Read everything you can in this site. Go to the Tutorials forum and start reading.

    Dont be an *******.

    Youll be fine.

    Also, subscribe to a mailing list that has to do with Security and your OS. for example:

    SuSE Security Mailing list.

    Run virus Scans regularly. Read up on networking and security.

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    the first step towards security "Start Hacking Yourself" oops its called penetration testing....

    Firewall...Antivirus...yup a must....

    read about firewalls and take your first step towards securities....
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    1. microsoft updates
    4.registery cleaners
    5.trojan hunters
    Now i bet you want to know where to get
    these robust softwares heres the link to get shareware
    at its finest hour http://www.zdnet.com/ when you get
    there search fior these following items

    4.trojan hunter

    happy hunting and remeber always update your software
    Spread Firefox.

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    Ok Falcon cool dude you are trying to learn Gore said it right RTFM and if you don't know what that meanl, it means Read The ****ing Manual. Truly do that I am partial to telling people Learn there system there is no better way to protect your self then to learn you system learn what makes it tick. I.e. Learn what your ****ing Os can do. Play around believe me this stuff is fun only time it might get boring is when you are reading a long ass Boring Manual.

    I don't care what anyone says we all read those pieces of Work but they are boring as Hell. I actually was falling asleep reading one when I saw your post.

    Now I am actually a little different from other people. Wait on those Damn windows Patches I personally think that windows just release's Patch's just to release them. I would subscribe to other Security Sites so you can hear about Patch's and new Exploits.

    Trust me Wait on those Damn Patch's.

    Wait a while before you jump in and install something.

    Last but not least have fun. I would recommend that you get atleast 1 more box to make your junk box so that you can Try out the things that you learn with out messsing up your Primary Box.

    That is about all that I can think of off the top of my head, don't be afraid to ask a question you wil never be flamed for a question. You would get flamed for asking a question that has been asked a million times.

    Look around for a while before you post something.

    Oh yeah like Gore said Just your Cherry so to speak, Read a Tutorial.

    That is it I pesonnally recommend that you read about Social ENgineering something that you definately need to learn about.

    There just so happens to be a Tutorial at the top of the Tutorial forum. I wonder who wrote it.

    Seriously just try to read.

    I will give you two pieces of information that you really need to learn before I leave one.

    Learn Dos, Don't be afraid of it, Dos is your Friend. It loves you.

    The last one is GOOGLE
    Learn It, Live It, Love It.

    If you have anymore quesitons Post them or Pm me.


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    free anti-virus software - http://www.free-av.com/
    AVG is also really good and free

    There are free firewalls also, but don't put to much faith in them.

    Check out this site for a grip of freeware & shareware also:

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    Newbie chimes in

    Would you guys recommend the on-line security checkers like Shields up?

    It might help newbies...(like me) ... realize where they stand.

    The active nature of the test gives us an experience that just installing software doesn't.

    I just recently did the basics... activated the firewall in the router and on my machine.
    Joined antionline...heard about blaster here first.
    Downloaded e-books and papers to read up on security.

    But I didn't feel very active until I stealthed port 113 on my router (a small step, I know).

    In addition to all the rest, or before the rest. It could spur the timid to action.

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    Ok [noahsarc]
    if you want to get hardcore real quick read up on this


    and here is another probing site to visit on a small scale for the newbies who dont have linux boxes yet


    and if your a newbie this will probaly get you off


    "remeber what you learn as a newbie heads you in the direction to wherever your heading "
    Spread Firefox.

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