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    Dell Patent

    Dell Patents "Reboot and See If That

    I just thought this might give some of you a break from all the worms and viruses out there.

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    Lol. Yah, I have heard many a tech support hotline suggest this to solve your problem, and if i doesn't work then they blame something else lol.

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    LoL. I no just ware this is coming from. I brought an Axim advanced last month with a bluetooth CF card. Having installed the drivers it won't work. So called the help line (someware in India). To be told, well it works with PPC2002. Well i have PPC2003 i said. After he told me to do a re-boot. (No fix) he said i would need waitawhile.

    Its been two months now. How long does it take for a re-boot to work?. LOL
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