// For reference, the title should not be understood, as this goes out to a girl I know that i secretly talk to with
// her name as 30a on the phone, so as not to piss off some people i know if they read my numbers prog-
// grammed into my cell phone
// you probably won't understand any of this if you aren't her, but you can enjoy the words i suppose.
// If anyone is unsure about a word that i used, i check my grammar with
// http://www.dictionary.com/search?q=w...o_looK_up_here
// Feel free to use it if needed, i suggest it actually, because some words i had to rethink the meaning.

My closet, my room,
My phone soon rings,
Whatever be my loom,
When she calls, my heart sings.

No we aren't lovers,
Nor are we merely friends,
You and I discovered,
That we are our own blend.

Rhetorically speaking of course,
Why do we speak so often?
Well as you know we share remorse,
And as we speak our pain softens.

We discuss the day,
We toss around the week,
We mutter of tomorrow,
Yet we still have to sneak.

When you cry,
I understand you,
When I am too proud, too "guy"
You always get me through.

We do speak of good,
We both have our "days"
Days that we should,
Have written of in plays.

Human as we are,
You are above,
An angel, You have the scar.
An angel, bringer of love.

Yes we are personally aquainted,
In person, Oh dear.
You should be painted
The millions you'd make, make them seem mere.

Regardless of looks,
We spoke before I knew,
With your voice, my soul shook.
The first time you cooed.

The friend that you possess,
Is inside, although you are blind,
Blind of relation, blind of your distress,
But inside, you are solidly kind.

You give me time,
The time of day,
Your breath can chime,
Anytime i preface a call with "may".

I appreciate you,
You get me through troubles,
And we all know how blue,
My soul can make bubbles.

30a is sublime,
Be remorseful you haven't met her,
She is where I get my recent rhymes,
That you all have read or wish me to deter.

With you, I'm never alone,
Even though we always just call,
You keep my existence tone,
If an inch was perfection, you would be 100 feet tall.

You always question,
that ignorance is bliss,
When I know your obsession,
For that i can't miss.

Your peers, myself, your parents,
they know as one,
For in life, in love, with intelligence, you merit,
The statute of gold, of silver not done.

Trembling, is your existence,
You don't give yourself credit,
You freeze a room, only with presence,
My mind, truly, only you have read it.

I confide to you unlike anyone before,
My trust, is deep, and omnipotent, you see,
When i hear you speak, i hear the creak of a door,
The door to open myself, for you to see me.

Most people think it odd,
that i am expressive,
You don't however,
you say its impressive.

If kindess, if beauty, were a job,
Bill Gates's fortune is large, sure,
The monopoly would be of slob,
Because you turn the world to a blur.

Your reflection, even faded,
In the water, on a mirror,
The girl beside you, would quickly be shaded,
She would see you, and you would stun her.

For their would be no reflection left,
Of her, of course, that being said,
You must suck the colour, from earth, beautiful theft,
Because all people see, when you are there, is dead.

Besides you of course,
you cause the stir,
They can't take their eyes off the source,
of gorgeous, of absolute shock, you are her.

They know people are alive,
Thats not what i mean,
With bees its a hive,
But all they see is between.

I thought it not possible,
That the world could stop turning,
When i first spoke to you, i was unstoppable,
It hurt, my chest, see my heart was churning.

As we continued,
We learned more of one another,
For you it was only construed,
As one guy lacking a lover.

But i believe you figured out,
That indeed this is true,
But you trust me, for i've heard you pout,
You have me, under your shoe.

Not what you think, for I do know better,
What i mean is respect,
I respect you, all of you, even the shoe's leather,
If i'm alive, you're mine to protect.

Psychiatry an option? Pyschiatry for free?
No 30a, we have more than that,
A physchiatrist has none on me,
For therapy is lame, you speak, THEN i spat.

Spat out words, rhythm, lines of morose,
Lines of flattery, lines of touch,
But i guess, i realize, well, i suppose,
That you are a genius, one who has much.

Intelligence, gentleness, constant perfect recurrence,
Qualities? Are they implied,
For you have my assurance,
That cycle, of yours, will never be dried.

Guys see it, i think..
I hope thats what they perceive,
If not, too much, they drink..
HE is lucky, look, HE achieved.

But does HE deserve,
What you let him take,
Hell even the time, your curve,
Curve of your day.

You may not understand,
Why I care this much,
For i know that i'm bland,
Feel free to tell me such.

Aphrodite, you are,
The greeks called her this,
The goddess of the god mars,
Your life, no, you don't dismiss.

Hints are here, queries unspoken,
in the poem, in reality,
Hearts left to be broken,
When you walk, this is actuality.

Someone must see you,
and think of a model,
but filthy as they are too,
Beautiful creature, without having a bottle.

Don't let yourself down,
You saved me, my fautor,
Don't let yourself down,
my closet commodor

We speak to each other,
Like no one i've known,
Not past girls, for they didn't make me shutter,
At night, or whenever, I'm yours on the phone.

Love ya darlin :P