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    resetting screen resolution

    Hey hey,

    I finally managed to install a dual boot on my p2 box.
    No I can take my time to learn Linux (starting with the suse version).
    The problem is that for my second box I have an old screen, with a 640x480 resolution as result.
    By the way, it's even an old super-vga screen.

    You can imagine that always scrolling from the top to the feet of a site, from the left to the right of a window isn't the 'jippiest' thing to do. That's where my question begins.

    I logged in as root. No prob so far.
    When i typed XFconfig, no prob; but i have to reset all things on my pc like keyboard, mouse, videocard, ....

    So somebody told me that when I could change the resolution in /etc/X11/XF86Config .
    Okay, that's okay, but how do I get in there, how do I change it?

    Thought you guys here could help me out...



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    At a prompt type

    man XF86Config

    For info on how to alter your XF86Config file.


    Type XF86Config Screen Resolution Example into google

    and click on the first link

    HTH Steve

    If you are looking for an editor try typing vi /etc/X11/XF86Config
    Type man vi for instructions.

    If you're running gnome try gedit /etc/X11/XF86Config

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    thx for the info!



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    Hello Little Brother! Glad you got it working buddy.

    /me hugs Little Brother

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