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Thread: zonealarm oddity or maybe not ?

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    zonealarm oddity or maybe not ?

    I just upgraded the firmware on my linksys befsr41 and was reconfiguring everything when I noticed something odd in my zonealarm log - I've no idea if it's a ZA glitch or what.. any ideas ?

    heres is a paste of my ZA log soon after a fresh system boot:

    ZoneAlarm Logging Client v3.0.118
    Windows XP-5.1.2600--SP
    ACCESS,2003/08/27,09:12:32 -4:00 GMT,ZoneAlarm Pro was blocked from connecting to the Internet ( DNS).,N/A,N/A
    FWOUT,2003/08/27,09:12:32 -4:00 GMT,,,UDP

    In above you can see that I block ZoneAlarm from checking with Zone Labs at and right after is a port 137 outgoing block to that originates from something in my PC. (no idea what)

    What's odd is is the exact reverse of - Is this normal ZA behavior - should I be worried ?

    .. cheyana
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    The addresses are the same. The backward version has something to do with
    reverse dns lookup

    Zonealarm has a bug where it wants to perform this lookup as soon as it starts
    Apparently they have promised to fix it.

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