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    Hp Crashed :o

    I have a pavilion xt9633 with Xp for an OS. I installed a new 128 MB NVIDIA 5200 FX Videocard. It ran well for several bootups and shutdowns, but I had just set up an IPX protocol so me and my friend could play DII together and then I did one other thing, can't remember what it was, but then I got a blue screen that said Unmountable Boot Volume. I tried using a dell xp recovery cd, that didn't work (not sure if it mattered that I had an HP), then i dl the six disk recovery from the net, that didn't work, then I tried using the built in recovery when u hit f10 when the HP blue bootup screen comes on, and that looked like it was working but then it said Page in nonpage area or something like that on a blue screen. I've talked with HP and every method they've told me to try has failed. Ne help please.?? Thankyou

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    Is it still under warranty? If it is tell them you want them to come out and fix it right now or your never buying another one of there computes again.

    Why did you install IPX protocol. Are you using a Novell Server to play DII?

    If you could remember what the last thing you did to it was it should would help.

    One thing youm might try is if you have a XP cd laying around somewhere, put it in the PC and see if you can Install XP from that. There should be a sticker on the box somewhere with a Product Key.

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    I have an HP too, if it is still under warranty, tell them to come fix it. I had to do that once, and it was fast, easy, and I haven't had any real trouble since then.

    Using a Dell recovery disk on an HP isn't going to work. It loads all the drivers, and everything is specifically for the computer you are using, and it's just going to make a mess.

    I would have to go w/ what Cheyenne said, put in the XP CD and start from scratch, but make sure it boots to your CD drive first.
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