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Thread: Tech Support WHO???

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    Tech Support WHO???

    This is a rant, in hopes that someone will tell me I'm not the only person wasting my time.

    First off I'm a pretty mild person, I pay my bills on time, I act nice to those who I don't like, and I'm patient.
    I have a certification (what a waste) in pc repair.
    I have several years of hands on experience.
    understand several programming languages (although I have never made anything)
    and still have enough common sense to know I still have tons to learn.

    But, am I consorting with other people like me where I can learn more? Am I even working for a company that can offer me a day to day challenge? Does there seam to be any hope in my bleak future to ever use what I know......

    The answer to every question is in fact. NO!

    I worlk for a sad little ISP in iowa, where I sit on the phone for eight hours a day five days a week, telling people how to fix their email, or setup their Internet. There are days I go home and wounder if I can even remember how to turn mine on.

    On top of that I have to listen to idiots tell me that they know more, (then why are they calling me) or that they have a "friend" who is a "computer programmer" or "sys admin", and the bad part is I have to put up with it. The company I work for is soooooooo small (we are talking less than 15 employees) so its like kiss A$S isp.

    The city (keokuk) i live in has a 12% unemployment rate, stores close faster than they open, and no one hires anyone unless your related or a fishin buddy.

    Anyone else have this problem?
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    Every job has its dreary bits, some more than others. I started my working life as a retail assistant in an electronics shop where tedium often reared it's ugly head.

    But the way out is to improve the situation for yourself & others so that the job you are doing will be more interesting and if you make enough of an improvement may be your employer will reward you with another interesting project.

    Things to remember:

    1) The people phoning you aren't doing it to wind you up - They are real people and they have a problem that's bothering them.
    2) The reason they tell you they know more than you etc. is primarily because they are afraid of looking stupid in your eyes. No one want to look stupid.
    3) Be honest with them - If you don't know and are guessing, let them know. It will help to build a relationship (brief though it is)
    4) If you are getting repetitive calls about the same problems make a 'help yourself' or FAQ page for your company website support


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    well.. at least you have a job.. I got laid off from mine after 24 yrs..
    and with my certain niche of knowledge.. (automatic test equiptment)
    my hopes for a job utilizing my experience is next to nothing in my area.

    if you're young.. move on outta there.. good luck

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    well steve.milner like I said, I work for an ISP, so most of the time when people call in, its because they can't get online, so a faq would be pointless, Although there is one, and noone in this area reads it.

    If you are anywhere near iowa you should stop by keokuk, its a riot. everyone here wants something for nothing.

    When the w32.blaster.worm hit our company offered to remove it for $10.00 as a customer curtosy. We had more people complain about having to pay $10.00 flat fee than you would believe. Although after they took their computers to the local repair shops and seen its was going to cost anywhere from $45.00/hr or $80.00 flat, they brought them back pretty quick.

    And sumdumguy, I plan on moving out as soon as my girlfriend is done with college. It will be better for the both of us. And good luck on finding a job
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