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    Diaster Recovery

    Hi does any one know of any ways or utilities that will allow me to recover data from an NTFS drive on a lap top. What happened was an upgrade to XP pro went bad and now I can not boot. It is complaining about ntldr missing and believe me I've tried it all from NTFS boot disks to Linux on a stick. I need that data really bad and any advice would be appreciated. Thanx

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    Use knoppix (which is a bootable linux distro) and you can read the ntfs drive, as well as burn that data to cdrom (if you have a cd-rw) or use samba to xfer the files over the network. ooppss.. I guess if its a laptop, you only have one drive, so you'll have to xfer the files over the network.

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    NetKnow: Winternals software has saved my butt many a time. It boots an OS from the CD and allows you to have a network connection to copy your files somewhere else.

    This is a link to their "emergency" version that you can download and try for free.

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    I posted this in other threads before but I will post it again.
    Besides the allready mentioned knoppix versions there is also 'the trinity rescue kit'
    A mandrake live distro aimed at recovering Windows.
    It has antivirus, NTFSUndelete amougst other things.
    Find it ==> http://www.trinityhome.org/

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