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Thread: downloaded files

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    downloaded files

    are files/programs that youve downloaded, stored on your computer in another location than the place you downloaded it.

    what i mean is, if i download a file and delete it from the desktop, is the only way to get it back by re-downloading it.

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    well, delete it -> goes to recyclebin,


    when u download files they are usaully stored in your TEMP internet folder->
    wich keeps all the recent internet files (downloaded/viewed) and deletes them some time later (depends on your settings)

    jus search for your internet TEMP folder and check it out for the prog you wanna see.
    and ofcourse u could always search for the program name
    but malicious programs(virusses) are programmed to **** around with these kinda stuff....
    ....... so it kinda depends.
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    Ok no I am not sure about *nix on this one but there is another place that all files are located in windows.

    Now let's say I just downloaded a file from WWW.Ineedporn.com

    Windows has a habit of making users do everything twice before it finally does what you want to do. Know the stuff I downloaded from Ineedporn is not just on my desktop it is also in other spots in your OS the first place to check would be ADD/Delete programs. There you can a check to see if it has been removed from there first.

    I have had a couple experiences where I deleted and then I needed and it was was still on there just go to Start->Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs. If it is still in there just hit Change and you can re add it from there. Another place to check is most programs are also added to you start menu check in there to see if it was deleted from there.

    You have to remember that there is a difference from deleting and Uninstalling.

    Anything else Pm me and I will help.


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    deleted files dont get completely erased from disk.
    So try something like,PCinspector file recovery,a program to recover files lost.
    (of course u'll have to download the software if u dont have any frebie cd).Also it is worth if thee file deleted is rally huge

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    gizmo.. why are you replying to/bumping up old threads ?

    I would think that the original post person's question has been answered to their satisfaction.

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