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Thread: Robotics, building your 1st robot

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    Robotics, building your 1st robot


    since I was a little kid, the idea of robots amused me.
    and well i have decided that i am to embark on a robtics mission.
    but i dont know anything about electronics and robotics, but i can do my bit of C++.

    So i was wondering if any of u guyz can help??

    I thought i would mabye get a design somewhere and then HAVE IT MADE by some Elektronics company(cause i am mainly into proggramming).

    what would this cost me??

    all i want is just a very simple/tiny(and very CHEAP) robot wich can take instuctions, so that i can EXPERIMENT and learn more.

    How advanced is the programming that is required for robotics????

    Please help.
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    If you are just now getting into robotics I would recommend a kit to start with. They usually come with everything that you need to built a complete robots. A good site is http://www.jameco.com/ They sell supplies for things such as this. They have individual parts as well as kits. Just search for robots, robotics, etc.

    Another excellent place to start in robotics in the Lego Mindstorm kits. They are used at MIT in their beginners courses although they use their own programmable "brick". I think it include more options for placing sensors than the standard that comes with the mindstorm sets. They are programmable and I have seen some really cool robots done with them. Browse the "mindstorm hall of fame" to see what I mean.

    oh btw you can purchase the programmable bricks that MIT makes.

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