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Thread: screensaver passwords

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    Question screensaver passwords

    i use [gloworange]windows xp [/gloworange] and i was going to setup a password for my screen saver and when i got to it there was nowhere to type in my password...there is a box to say i want to use a password but nothing that lets me make one...and when the screensaver is activated a box comes up for my password but i can click ok and the screensaver goes away...my question is how do i change my password or even create one? sorry about that other post its been some time since i have been on here

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    its probably because i am not very experience with windows operating systems, so i dont know what you are talking about, but i think what you want to do is lock-up your computer whenever your screen saver goes on. i checked on my xp box and i didnt see a place where you could create a password. If i were you, everytime i left my computer for over 30 min, just put your computer on sleep mode. Then, when someone presses a key, they will have to do the whole ctrl+alt+del thing and then they will have to enter the systems start up password.

    EDIT: damn it, i hate it when people post at the same time...well you could still use my idea of just putting your computer to sleep, but whatever....
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    if you don't have a password set on your account it won't let you use a screensaver password

    goto control panel and goto useraccounts (or admin tools, computer management, then users)

    change the way users logon (so they have to enter userid and password)

    set password on your users

    then when the password screen comes up it'll prompt for a password to unlock

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    The password that you use is what ever your password for your regular logon is.

    Now here is a bit of extra information. Someone help me here, has M$fixed this yet.

    Know that password that you set. It has is good but no good there is a way to get around that with an Autoboot disk I am not sure if this still works yet I am not sure where but there is a Thread talking about this but it is really old.

    You could check that out.

    Now for the password thing yeah that is it. It is the password that you already have for your box.

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    whizkid is right. the password you use for the screen saver is the same password as the regular log in password.

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    All the above is true. Your screensaver password is the same as the password for your account.

    When you change the password on the account please remember to also put a password on the Administrator account (you should do that anyway). If you don't it'll be pretty easy to circumvent your password protected screensaver by using the Administrator account.
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