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    I dont know if its me but these posts seem to kinda say "we think you are stupid enough to help me out without telling you real details" How about anyone else. These posts are getting questionable so until the details get good i doubt your going to get much help.

    #!/usr/local/bin/perl -s-- -export-a-crypto-system-sig -RSA-in-3-lines-PERL
    ($k,$n)=@ARGV;$m=unpack(H.$w,$m.\"\\0\"x$w),$_=`echo \"16do$w 2+4Oi0$d*-^1[d2%
    Sa2/d0<X+d*La1=z\\U$n%0]SX$k\"[$m*]\\EszlXx++p|dc`,s/^.|\\W//g,print pack(\'H*\'
    ,$_)while read(STDIN,$m,($w=2*$d-1+length($n||die\"$0 [-d] k n\\n\")&~1)/2)

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    im secptical about your intentions and if you did steal this laptop i will find where you live and remove your fingers with a set of bolt croppers,

    anyway if you are a lovely young lady struggling with a computer that is genuineingly yours then try knoppix, you should be able to veiw the harddisk and maybe copy some files around that you want over a network, burn to cd what ever, floppy even.

    depends how well is locked down,


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    alright.. let's not just assume that sarah's guilty..

    i2c.. if it is indeed her bios password that she's talking about.. then that knoppix cd isn't going to help.. if it's a windows password then.. ok.. i agree..

    sarah you have to be a bit more explicit about what type of password.

    if it is a bios password on a laptop then ripping it apart to short the jumper or to remove the battery is cumbersome and time consuming. there are cmos killer programs that wipe out cmos settings.. in fact Antionline has one in it's downloads archive.. (although it was misfiled in the tutorial section) it's called killcmos.zip , you can find it here.

    some AV software will identify it as a trojan.. but it's not. (search google for more info on that)
    there are a few other programs like this and there are bios backdoors as well.. (compaq can assist you by providing the backdoor.. or if you search google, you'll find more info

    ohh.. one other program is called cmospwd.. found at http://www.cgsecurity.org
    but I don't know if it covers your compaq bios revision.. here's a list of bios's and rev's.

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    Thanks for all the comments, I can honestly tell you that this computer is NOT stolen - I work in courts for a living, hence the use of Case Catalyst software on the computer. Work have done things like swap hard drives to another laptop, taking the battery out to try to override password, nothing worked. They also talked with Guardian Angel (?) who had some good ideas but again nothing worked.

    Someone told me (from this site) would be to take it to a certified Compaq repair shop who might be able to help, think that's what I'll do,

    Thanks again for all the constructive replies.

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