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Thread: Ok need a little help

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    Ok need a little help

    ok i am on my schools computer b/c mine say 303 keyboard error everytime i turn it on and i know it isnt my keyboard b/c i took it to a friends house aqnd it worked on his PC i was wondering if anyone knows if it is a virus or what

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    303 keyboard failure means that the keyboard is defective. I would just buy another keyboard. I know u said that its not the keyboard because it works on your friends comp but there might be something loose in there which some times it works and sometimes it doesn't. Just buy a new one and you'll be all set.
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    this isn't the forum to ask questions not pertaining souly to this website. Read the faq.

    But to answer your question, could you be more specific, is this at boot? Etc?

    Its possible of course that it could be a virus, but don't always jump straight into thinking everytime your computer doesn't run perfectly its a virus, or some other form of malware. Run some antivirus software first before you ask us if its a virus.

    If its at boot, how many beeps does your computer do, and what do they sound like? What kind of pc do you have, etc..

    Did you try putting a different keyboard into your OWN computer. That might have made a difference. Im assuming you are running windows, so go to device manager and make sure your peripheral settings aren't messed up.

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    If you get this error when you turn your computer on you can rule out any virus (unless it's an bios virus but that's highly unlikely).

    If you checked your keyboard on an other machine and it works fine there, it's not the keyboard.

    Try to hookup another keyboard to the computer that gives you the error. If it still gives a keyboard error the most probable cause is a defective ps/2 port. It could also be you exchanged the mouse and keyboard connections.
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    SirDice i could have exchanged the mouse and keyboard b/c my mouse isnt a ubs and my keyboard is but i had that promblem on my old comp. so thnx and everyone else thnx for helping i will get a new keyboard and try that and i know that its not always a virus but my lil brother d/l's virus alot and opens them to make me made

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    ok wasnt the keyboard (like i thought) so does anyone have ne ideal what it could be if so plz help this is kinda getting anoying

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    Have you checked the PS/2 port on the mobo? Sometimes these ports become loose and you'll have intermittent failure and/or complete failure of input devices. Just a suggestion based on what you've provided to work with.

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    I have to tend to agree with thehorse13 on this one....try a USB keyboard and see if that takes care of the problem.
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    OK..let's try to narrow it down?

    If your keyboard is USB and your mouse PS/2...which is how I have understood your posts?

    1. Clean the USB connector with isopropyl alcohol (screensparay/CD cleaning fluid) and try it.
    2. Boot the box WITHOUT the USB keyboard, then plug it in afterwards and see if it is recognised. Try both USB ports.
    3. Borrow a PS/2 keyboard and try that....see if you get a 303 error.........I would be very surprised if you do not have a PS/2 connector............I have never seen a MoBo that did not have one.

    If 1. works, the problem is solved
    If 2. works, then go into the BIOS/CMOS setup, on boot and disable "USB legacy support for DOS"
    If 3. works, then your USB ports/keyboard are defective (this may be intermittent?)......if you get a 303 error with a PS/2 keyboard, then we have to consider the possibility of a boot virus?

    Have you tried to boot from a floppy/CD, or in safe mode?

    Please let me know what happens and we can take it from there


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