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    Information about certain ports

    I just did a port scan on some systems of mine and I got a lot of ports that I don't know.
    I found the descriptions of them, but I don't know if they're harmful or what they're used for.

    Does anyone know where I'd be able to find such information?


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    What ports are open? Then I'll take some effort to look up what they are for
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    I see the following:

    tcp 9283 (CallWave IAM)
    tcp 3372 (TIP 2)
    tcp 464 (kpasswd)
    tcp 1703 (hb-engine)
    tcp 1074 (Fast TEchnologies License Manager)
    tcp 1076 (DAB STI-C)
    tcp 1025 (Network BlackJack)
    tcp 1064 (JSTEL)
    tcp 1057 (Startron)
    tcp 1031 (BBN IAD)

    tcp 49400 (unknown?)
    tcp 49401 (unknown?)
    tcp 62963 (unknown?)
    tcp 1029 (unknown?)
    tcp 8190 (unknown?)
    tcp 1287 (unknown?)

    There are a few more, but I want to start with these.
    Hope you can help.

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    Firstly, the 'popular ports' are those from 0 - 1024 (used by major apps. eg: FTP=21, SMTP=25, HTTP=80)
    AND.....these are open when you HOST that service

    Secondly, ports 1025-65xxx open incrementally as you attach to servers. Therefore; the lower ports of 1025, 1031 may be opened while you check email, or surf the web.

    If you run a program like 'Spam Anhiliator' it loads at port 44334 (intercepting email) on my computer.

    This doesn't mean all you're open ports are safe......So check to see if you have any legal software running that uses those other ports.

    And if not ..... run an anti-virus / scanner / etc (......run it anyway to be safe)

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    completely agree with dcongram but also
    try http://www.linnetsol.co.uk/port-num1.htm

    it's got all the well known ports thru 1024 and a list of commonly used ports thru 65535
    with a fairly good listing of trojans and stuff like that.

    Hope this helps

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    Why don't you open a command prompt, type netstat, and take a look at whats running on those ports. That would be a good start.
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    ghgoede, if you are worried about the security of the ports that are open on your system, this link maybe able to help you in that area...


    It's been given out before on this site, but I think that you would find it extremely useful given your case.

    Hope this helps.

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