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    Question Hardware problem

    Hey everyone, I'm experiencing a problem running games. I'm running windows XP 2002 for OS and for hardware: P4 2.4GHz, L4S8A2 mother board, 512MB PC3200 RAM, GeForce 4 5200 FX. The problem occurs within 5 minutes or so of any high graphical game such as GTA III, SimCity 4, Half-life... The computer locks up and my speakers make a loud high-pitch ringing sound. I've un-installed/re-installed all the motherboard drivers and hardware drivers then updated all of them. I've swapped out my sound card and video card. To me, it sounds like i have a RAM problem but have not had a chance to buy a new stick. I was wondering if anyone has had this problem before and/or have ideas on what it could be. Thanks
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    It could be a memory problem or you may not have the heatsink properly attached to the processor. It is also possible the heatsink is not compatable with the processor thus after a few minutes the processor overheats. I am unsure as to what the real answer is for you. Just throwing you a few ideas.

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    actually I'm wondering if you have a problem with the PSU... what kinda power you got? Have you tried swapping a different PSU in?

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    I've had this problem a couple of times. Once with a shareware game that worked
    fine on one PC but on another, after a few minutes the sound would howl and not
    stop unless I rebooted. My solution. Don't install that game on that machine.

    Another time, I had a computer that made a similar noise (in linux) whenever
    OS sounds were enabled. Solution, use a different sound card.

    It's some sort of resource conflict. Could be a combination of hardware and
    software bugs. Obviously you should search the web for references to bugs
    involving the combination of that particular sound card and the game you are
    playing. If more than one type of sound card has the same problem, I'm inclined
    to blame the game.
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    OK..................this is probably a load of irrelevant crap, so please go easy on me

    I have had something similar due to overheating..............the high pitched whine, that is.

    Try running your machine with the case off, and see if it runs for longer......also check that the fans are all spinning properly, particularly the one on your video card if it is so equipped. You might try setting a domestic fan to blow over the system as well. Please ensure that all cables are clear of memory, CPU and video card, so that you are getting good air circulation.

    Your games are probably putting a lot of stress on your video card and RAM, this will make them heat up?

    The incompatibility between sound and video cards is also a good suggestion, as I have come across this before.

    just my 0.02 worth

    Good Luck

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    Thank you for your reply's, to me it seems like a resource problem, its certainly not an overheating problem. my CPU never gets above 39C nor does my system temp. i have completely removed the sound card and un-installed its drivers and now using the onboard sound, still no joy. Also, i replaced my 64MB video card with the new GeForce 4 5200 FX, it seems to crash alot quicker with the new one than the old one, any ideas about that?
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    If it's crashing faster with a newer vid card, than it really sounds like an overheating problem. The newer vid card would produce more heat, which would cause things to crash faster. You know your CPU Temp when at idle, but when you are in a full screen game can you really still see your temp? Remember that those high graphic games are going to make your PC run much hotter than it is when idling, or playing mp3s, or whatever. Also they make use of that fancy vid card, so it's going to heat up a lot more. I'd try nihil's suggestions (especially the removing the case from the tower, I've had to do that) and I'd also suggest running the games in a lower graphics mode, don't push them so hard and see if it runs longer.
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    I am no great gaming expert, but I do remember a problem with a game hanging due to some sort of sound/vid card conflict..................I got it to work by lowering the settings on both...along the lines of HTRegz's suggestion.

    Can you try your games with sound disabled, and see if you get the same results in the same timespan...........I am trying to eliminate conflict problems.............or confirm them.


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