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Thread: Machine Thinks, Therefore It Is

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    Machine Thinks, Therefore It Is

    A new type of thinking machine that could completely change how people interact with computers is being developed at the Department of Energy's Sandia National Laboratories

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    it's alive... ahhhhh.. it's developing power.. it's aware... arrgggghhh..

    it's a cyborg.. it's a terminator... ah no.. it's only ahh-nold the next california governor.

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    anyone fancy setting up Cyberdyne Systems Inc????

    Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes

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    hmm.. The time is soon arriving. Machines that think like humans, thatís very interesting.

    I hope the prophecy isn't true...

    - The mind is too beautiful to waste...

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    "analyze problems and make decisions" ...ummm so that peaple who are already stupid as **** won't have to do these things? I like makeing my own decisions damn it... Yo, & I can remember my grandma telling me stories about how computer operated in the 70s and 80s...

    Anyways the story goes: back in the punch card days you needed to throw the machines into a loop so the systems could idle while your smokeing, on a lunch break, or maybe just to trick the boss into thinking your working on something important... & those were awsome days, end of story. Anyways now days computers can do that by themselves & you've got mice, keyboards, microphones, & cams to input data to your computer which is cool cause it saves time but makeing it any simpler than that... it would be downright offensive the intellegence of all computer hobbyist and IT peaple everywhere.

    In the end we'll all have computers that tell us which buttons you should push, what program should be installed, and which type of porn to browse.... no wait a minute thats not sci-fi as a matter of fact it exist today & we call these programs ad/spyware!!! Damn... Its **** like that which makes me glad I've got a stockpile of boot disks & I can run away from all this user "friendlyness" anytime I wish to do so.

    These peaple are basicly saying we are to stupid to control our own computers so we need special "help"... and its sick... its sad... and its just ****ing wrong dude.

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    You know what Specialist you are pretty much right.

    But this goes back to one of my saying's Most of the people here have stepped over that lne in the sand, we have begun learning just how everything works though we will never know it all we will learn alot.

    These computers are basicly for the people that think, that copying a file in Dos is the hardest thing in the world. If you want another example of this, I believe Yahoo has it so that you don't even have to program your Webpage's anymore No More HTML.

    Wow Thanks I really put in a couple weeks into learning how to program in HTML and now I don't need it thanks I feel so special.

    Well this is also very similar to the Headsets that let you talk into them and they type for you.

    Come on it is not that hard to type, all these things are made for people that want to make life easier. Also by putting out such Products, guess what you make Computers more accesible, now everyone can use them.

    Think about it( Tommy wants a computer but doesn't know how to type, or he is just a ****ing idiot. Either or take your pick Probably both. Now with these two technologies Tommy no longer has to worry about that because something else does it for him. Tommy is no longer scared to use a computer, Because M$ has everything to be done for you, Tommy no longer has to worry about a computer so he gets one. Since there is GUI he never has to look a DOS so he is safe, to surf the net.)

    Excuse me I will keep my Keyboard and I will keep my Brain I worked hard to get both of them, and I like using them both also.

    Maybe there could be, something made to think completely for us now. Come on we don't need a Brain.

    Can anyone say Lobotomy.


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