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    well where should i start....uuuhm i have been flamed a few thimes before...not here

    Its not some thing i like to see but it hapens all over the web.

    RTFM is becoming a familiare expresion after a while.
    i know fore a fact that there are ppl here that are LeeT and wery helpfull.....on the other hand you have LeeT ppl that arent that found of newbees like me.

    The fact is that non of this will change ther will always be noobs and LeeT`s. So the tip is if you are a noob in here you are a possibly not a noob to some one else...think of how iritated you can get of ther questions...i know i do at thimes. and Fore the LeeT`s that dont like us (noobs) Try to keep your opinions to your self ore go blow steam of on IRC where the noob cant see you...that way you and possibly a few others that are there can geta laugh off it to

    any way just my worthless oppinion

    PS. some thimes we do deserv to get flamed...just not always

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    sun yaar er0k,
    tum kuch zada hi react kar raha hai.muzhe nahi lagta ye sahi hai.par tum bhi khud itney
    samazhdar ho.abey sab se aise baat nahi kartey.nayoun se to bilkul bhi nahi.
    sanzha kar yaar.

    anyway boys dont mind him he is quite nice guy.

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    ...either learn to live with these types of posts because they arent going away...
    Actually, many people who have been here a while (seniors mostly) have collectively noticed that the quality of posts and members has deminished greatly. I can understand where er0k is coming from because I too have gotten pretty pissed off about statements like the quote above and the general piss poor quality of posts. Why the hell should we have to deal with shitty posts? Why can't n00bs just read the damn site FAQ and enbrace the site and make it better instead of dragging it into the bowels of the internet?

    Anyway, I wont keep rambling but for the record, I stand behind er0k and I know many other seniors do too. The point isn't how he got his message across, it's what the message is.

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    I don't think any crybaby whining of eroks is gonna change anything here. People are already scared to post because of "the specialists sycophants" with there moronic "were not gonna help you cause we think your bad" even though half couldn't help anyone out of a wet paper bag. I succesfully changed that attitude in several but several more just popped up to take their place. I have been here well over a year (in several nicks and just lurking) And the intelligence level of questions has dropped but also so have the answers. See sahratapps and jjtremblays posts(kudos to sum dum guy).Both new memebers get treated like crap yet have very good questions infact jjtremblays is still unanswered. I used to love reading here, many memebers are very smart and i respect very much (the horse13, slarty, korpdeath........) But the confrontational stupidity turns me off big time anyways latter all, i am off to greener pastures as the signal/noise here is stupidly high nowadays and the best members barely or never post anymore.
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    Th13 your% 100 right!

    my 2¢:

    This is a community. To just show up and start bad mouthing long standing members is not something to be tolerated . If er0k were a bad member ie rude or generally disagreeable he would have gotten banned from here a long time ago. But hes not:

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    He’s proved himself to be a good guy and a valuable member

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    Let me see! 30 posts and the two that I see are nothing but making trouble over something you don’t even have a clue about

    If you moved into a RT neighborhood and started badmouthing some member of the community because you disagree with what you heard him say even though you had no idea why he said it. Everybody there would tell you to mind you own ****ing business stranger
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