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    Question Wifi

    guy's been looking about and wana see how easy it is to detect wifi's, iv looked into it on google and seen netstumbler, my wifi card is not compatible with netstumbler, does anyone know of any other windows based wifi detecting tools?

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    Yes you can get boingo. You pay to get authorized access to wifi hotspots. go to www.boingo.com good luck.

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    IMHO it is too damn easy.........................if you are using this, make sure you have all the appropriate AV and firewall software installed................and be sure to change any default passwords

    Good Luck

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    If your card is not compatible with netstumbler it probably does not like promiscious mode and may not do well for discovery of Wifi networks, although the cards are changing all the time I know some of the older 802.11b cards are bastards like that, the ones which work well are Cisco and Orinoco(was lucent someone bought the card, proxim maybe?) DellTru mobile cards are also nice, I would stay away from budget SOHO cards as alot of them are total pieces of ****. Linux really has superior stuff for this right now(as far as I know) I like Kismet but I've heard AirSnort is good too.

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