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Thread: Contact user about assignment?

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    Contact user about assignment?

    Now that we've had the new system here for awhile why is the little 'contact user about assignment bar' still there?

    Right now, I do not know who you are. If you reply to this PM, I will know your username, and as a result, will know that you were the one that gave me this AntiPoints Assignment. If this does not bother you, please feel free to reply. Otherwise, you are under no obligation to answer this request. Below is information about the AntiPoints Assignment that you made:
    It just seems a little useless since we know who the person is and everything so why not just get rid of it and if we have a question about an AP assignment just PM the person.

    Just a thought...

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    I think it's a good idea, instead of the 'contact user about this assignment', just have a link to PM them where their name appears, e.g.:

    AP Poster: pwaring
    That way, it would still be easy to contact the AP assigner, but you wouldn't get the pre-canned message which is now out of date.
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    right on...
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