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    advanced linux newbie (java probs)

    i need some help, after running linux on my 6 year old iMac i have kicked XP off a box i inherited and running RH 9, still smilling BUT

    i can not get java to run in any web browser, galleon, konq, motzilla, i want to set up some web pages with weaved with java but can not test to see if running sweatly. or see other pages with it!

    also is there a guru who knows why it seems my usb cable modem has over run my eth0 card so i can no longer use this as a gateway for the others on my network??

    help or email phimosis@blueyonder.co.uk

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    as far as java is concerned...download the JVM for linux fron java.sun.com...

    after installing it...in knoquorer...under settings....java...key in the location of the java compiler that got installed with the JVM....

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