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Thread: Hard drive poll

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    Mar 2003

    Hard drive poll

    Hey everyone,

    I'd like to take a poll on hard drives. Just regular old IDE hard drives. I wanted to know what brand ppl prefer.





    I am interested because I'm about to buy a new one and I figure the most popular one of all the gurus here should be the best one to buy. Remember only regular end-user IDE 40 - 80GB HD. No raid, no SCSI, no confusing stuff that myi brain cant handle.

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    It really doesn't matter to me. Just look at the speed you want at least 7200 RPM spindle speed 10,000 rpm is a waste of money I would say. You want 8 MB Cache to speed it up. It is not a matter of brand name anymore in my opinion. It's like saying do I want Dell or Gateway. It really doesn't matter when you can build your own. So just go for the specs and bang for the buck.

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    I have had 2 maxtor disks fail on me, one in under 6 months. So when I next come to build a PC I will be using either segate or western digital.

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    90% of failed hdds in my workshop are ..maxtor.. .. 5% Western digital all the other Fujitsu, Samsung, IBM, Seagate live in the other 5%..

    Of the current breed it seems that Heat is the greatest cause of Early Life Failure (ELF), most are from machines from P2P users.. normaly these are running 24/7.. while ventilation is good.. extra circulation (boosted by a small fan) around the HDD is important and helpful in reducing the temp for the hdd..(very significantly from my experience)

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    I have tended to go for the IBM Deskstar or Western Digital. I think part of your question should be how long does the manufacturer's warranty last.

    In the old days this used to be three years, now a lot of them have cut that to ONE year

    I would rather have the drive with the longer guarantee............shows a bit more commitment?

    Und3ertak3r is absolutely right about temperature. For around $15 or less, you can get a purpose built HDD cooling bay that just screws into your 5.25" slot. They have small fans infront that blow air over the drive and into the back of the case, so you need a decent exhaust fan.

    Also make sure that there are no cables in the way of the airflow.

    I would not want to go less than 7200rpm, but agree with the comment that faster drives don't really give you the extra dollar value right now..........unless you have some specialist apps.

    Hope this helps

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    i have one seagate 80g and one western digital 80g with 8mg buffer.both 7200,both bought in last 12 months.
    had seagate 60g V series which i bought on computer swap and it died after 6 months.Good suprise for me was that when i went on seagate site and put my serial number there it had 3 years waranty.
    So i found this detail very important when i buy something(i didnt think of it when i bought it).
    my personal opinion is that both are very good disk.
    i dont know about the other ones even tho i had bad experience with seagate(bad luck)
    what i always hear BACK UP BACK UP. it is not question if your disk will die its matter of WHEN
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    Kind of a two pronged question, I've always looked at Seagate as a excellent performance drive, and western digital as a more reliable drive.

    But one thing's for sure, maxtor is on the bottom of my list.
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    using seagate 40 g 5400 rpm... usually 24/7 hrs.. p2p also... no prob et all
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    i tend to lean towards the seagate and western digital hard drives. i have old 233mhz pc with a seagate hard drive in it. its nearing 8yrs old and still going. my newest pc has 2 7200rpm western digital drives, both are excellent. i had a samsung hard drive on my win 98 machine, it died after about 6 months. replaced it with a western digital and its going strong.

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    Hey thanks for the input guys. Wow I always thought maxtor was the mainstream harddrive brand. I'll definitely consider buying a HD fan. I didn't know the HD was such a big source of heat. I think i'll make it a seagate.
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