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Thread: HELP Need Flash Update For Award Bios

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    HELP Need Flash Update For Award Bios

    I have just brought a new 40Gb hard drive as my current drive is about to fail and need a to flash my bios as currently my bios does not support any hard disks over 32Gb I have searched and searched and searched and I cannot find the correct update most sites say go to unicore.com and they just want my phone number surely there is another option. I have also put in an attachment with the information of my bios. Any help would be hghly appreciated,



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    There are a number of things you can try here.

    Find the site of the manufacturer for your motherboard (you haven't said who it is!). They will normally provide BIOS upgrades.

    Or try http://www.driverguide.com if that doesn't work. You need to register, but that is quick & painless and I found 67 matches for Award v4.51PG

    If all that fails then DDO (dynamic drive overlay) software will always work. This software is free - check the site of your HDD manufacturer for a copy of this. The code you download will create a bootable floppy that will replace the MBR (master boot record) on your HDD, so that it loads a simple program to translate requests of > 32Gb.

    If you are unsure about whether the BIOS upgrade you find is correct, then DDO is much safer as with an inncorrect BIOS upgrade you will completely screw your system, whereas DDO will always work, as it is not dependent on your BIOS

    EDIT: Wrong forum for this - should be 'Hardware' !

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    I'll go with darkes on this................A DDO is a proggy that steps in during the POST sequence and allows bigger drives to work. A commom one is called "EZdrive", and I have used this to put a 60Gb Western Digital drive into an old Digital Venturis 5133 (That's a Pentium 1 @ 133Mhz!). As I had the WD as master it also configured a Quantum Bigfoot 12.4Gb as the slave.

    I had upgraded the BIOS but the box is so old it won't recognise anything over 8.4Gb, and there were no newer BIOS versions available.

    Good Luck

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