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Thread: Insight wanted.

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    Insight wanted.

    So Im starting college, and I registered for all my classes and junk and ask the counsler to put me in a computer class, i inform him that I am quet advanced and hes says ok then puts me in an Intor to computer science class. I see this and tell him to put me in something higher he says no becuase this will be an easy A and help keep my gpa up. so I agree and laugh. I go to class, and on the first day the teacher ****s up and doesnt know the assigned usernames and passwords for 5 students (me being one of them) and tells me Ill just have to sit and do nothing till she can talk to the network admin, shes doesnt even have power to change user info. SO i sit there for about 30 seconds, then decid Im gonna crack my name and passwwokr based on what everyone elses was, withing 2 mins I had figured out mine and the 4 other students names and passwords. talk about great security. then eplain the system that they make the names from, which is very simple. ok so she starts class, intro to computer science. first lesson how to point and click things and what everything on your screen is called (i.e tool bars, icons, task bars etc..) now durring he lesson I not only had to correct her a few times because she was doing things wrong but I had to show her how to do a few things, so I come to a problem that I was hoping I could get some insight on, do I stay in the class and risk lowering my grade because I keep correcting the teacher andstart doing my own thing while she explains how to go online, or do I drop it for something that ould actually be a challenge. oh and there are no advanced corses for computers at this school because it is a community college. any insights would be nice.
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    move up,,, move up..

    if you stay there you risk becoming a zombie.. you need anything better than that.. GPA or not you risk lowering your abilities..

    My god.. I never liked the advice given by guidence councillers.. for that matter many mainstream teachers for that matter (not to pin any teachers here.. the fact you are here puts you above 99.9% of the rest of the crew..not a suck up)..

    i hope that counciller didn't give you financial advice as well..

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    Well, If I would have been at your place I would have definitely drop the class because I think it is neither fair with you nor the whole class that a person really qualified in doing this stuff is taking this introductory course.

    In the long run your gpa does not matter that much as compared to how much you know.

    My advice is that you should take a course in something else of your interest apart from computers. How about an advanced course in Mathematics.

    All the best...
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    Assuming the course is not required for your degree, I say drop it and find something that's more of a challenge. I got my B.S. in MIS, and everyone had to take this "How to use Office 2000 & the internet" class. It is required for all business majors, and there is no way to test or "KLEP" out of it. If that course is required for you, I pity you. Just do what the teacher says, get your "A", and move on. But if it's not required, then get the heck out of there!

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    65_289 said it well, if it's not required, get out of there and challenge yourself. However, if it is required, you'll just have to tough it out. When you say that there are no other computer classes, I'm assuming you mean, no other computer classes you can take, that don't have a prereq of this Intro class? What degree are you going for at this Community college??

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    NEVER correct the teacher in front of the other students. Take care of it after class...approach the teacher and "show" her how you were "taught" to do "x" and ask why her way is different and which way is better. You don't come off as being a "threat" that way, and may well ingratiate yourself with this teacher by providing her with an "alternate" way of doing things.

    To sum it up, if you stay you gotta "teach" her without making her feel less intelligent than you about the subject. The class may be lame, but you have a chance to put a professor in your pocket....don't pass it by.
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