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Thread: Bad Memory (perhaps and which?)

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    Bad Memory (perhaps and which?)

    I have a system that since the addition of more RAM (PC-100 ECC) has began to freeze up under load.

    Is there an efficient way to test where the problem could be rather than just swapping chips? I have not been able to find anything useful under various searches on google for "ram testing", "memory testing", etc.

    Ideally a program that was able to load different sectors sequentially perhaps.

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    link for memory testing tools,


    Memtest86 seems be a great tool (takes a while to run tho but checks which ram is faulty and such, links you to they homepage on that site if u want to find out more about it etc,

    or maybe try MemTest,

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    use norton system works there is a module to test your RAM...and more over u can test your whole PC for any problems either in windows or otherwise...also i am supposing u are using windows....
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    I agree with goozle, use memtest86

    Ignore any memory tester which runs under an operating system (except possibly plain DOS). A memory tester cannot work with an OS.


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