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Thread: How is it possible...

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    How is it possible...

    I have a probelm, and i know all you intelligent people would love to help me out(please!). So heres my problem, theres this person who is somehow getting there hands on all my aim conversations. My first thought was that it was a trojan, so i used Norton ANtivirus(with all the updates) and all the other free virus scanners I could find on the internet and they found nothing. And my firewall (also norton) didn't see anything either. I thought this was pretty strange. So i did "netstat" and i didn't see any connections that seemed out of the ordinary. Later I talked to this person and they said that they are getting my aim conversations without connecting to my computer at all. I guess I want you to tell me how this is possible, and if this is possible, why bother having a firewall or antivirus?

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    which messenger u use...
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    Aol Instant Messenger, latest version

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    Two possibilities I can come up with...

    1. You have a web cam pointing directly to your screen and they have access to the output.

    2. AIM (I believe) has logging features, right? They may have your password and are looking at the logs that way.


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    Erm.....Keylogger maybe?

    ctrl+alt+delete see if anything looks strange{process that should`t be running}.

    Keyloggers have stealth downloads,run stealthy,and email the results of what you type.To whomever, when the text file reaches a certain size(512kb) it then emails the results.
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    Yes, AIM has logging features but not passive logging. In other words, you have to save the session in order to keep a log of the chat.

    A more likely explanation is that this person has a keylogger running on your machine. After a user defined size, the keylogger will then send an e-mail to an address of the attacker's choice.

    EDIT. Looks like I hit the "submit" button about 2 minutes too late!
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    heres yoru answers :
    1) I don't own a webcame, now will i ever own a webcam or have one in my house.
    2) They are saying my conversations like as i am typing them(below is a true example, although some of the words may have been worded differently and i forgot his screename.

    me: hey buddy, have that copy of warcraft 2 alpha for me
    him: yeah, i'm sending it to you now... might take awhile... you have 56k right?
    me: right
    <i accepted the file transfer request here>
    me: thanks
    me: hey i want to try something on your alright?
    him: i'm afraid lol... what?
    me: this person says they can see what i type on my aim conversations, so i am going to say something that makes no sense.
    him: alright
    me : cheese grows on pineapples
    ------end this conversation------
    ------5 seconds later i get this------
    spy: cheese grows on pineapples, what does that mean exactly?

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    Opening direct connections is a NO nO.....don`t accept files from whom you don`t know.
    They do a netstat and grab your IP.

    Do a Trojan scan for Bo2k(back orifice) or sub7. starting to sound that way.
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    That may very well be, however it is unlikely because i just got a brand new computer and havn't installed any software from her or anyone she knows yet. Andis there a "keylogger scanner" or something along those lines i can use?

    I know they can do netstat and grab your ip, but this had been going on for like 3 months, before i even met this person.

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