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    Originally posted here by rednekluvmonkey
    I have about 50 processes running. I cannot tell which should or shouldn't be running. any suggestions?
    Go to Black Viper's service config page and red through it. Very useful for any windows user.


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    I have about 50 processes running. I cannot tell which should or shouldn't be running. any suggestions?
    Also, if you have xxxx.exe process running then do a google on xxxx.exe and you'll find a more detailed explanation somewhere on the net.
    One note is that you'll find maybe 3 or 4 instances of svchost.exe, not really 100% sure why, but most of them are needed for an associated app/prog/process.
    Also, its not uncommon to have 20 or so processes during normal running.

    And I also thought that if a_person was on dial-up that his IP address would always be different on connecting, thus more difficult to get hacked etc, so there must be a trojan if the he/she haXor can connect to a_persons box.

    And I would also try another AV, nod32 comes to mind.

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    But the answer to my original question... is it possible to find out what people are doing on there computers without having some sort of trojan or sniffer or something like that installed installed on it. It doens't seem possilbe to me.

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    Going a bit to the extreme, someone can find the current tcp/ip session that you have with the AOL server, actively hijack it, emulate you still sending/receiving messages, and go from there.

    There are always extraneous cases, just becuase you have no 'software' installed on your computer from somone else doesn't make you secure. As previosuly mentioned a legitimate application such as remote desktop could be used against you.

    As a short answer, yes, it is very possible for someone to do anything to your computer without first putting software on it.

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