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    Thanks, i'll let you know if anything comes up.

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    You running Windows XP? I know this may sound crazy, but they myay have access to your system using the Remote Desktop Connection... That would allow them to watch (and interact with) everything you do. I know I played a few pranks in high school using similar remote access applications (for instance, I would be chatting with someone on AIM, and respond to questions before they hit enter to send the message, or I would respond to things that they typed but deleted). You should do some research (online for programs that have the capability and on your local machine to look for clients to such programs) to ensure that someone isn't accessing your system through such a program.


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    That could be it, can you point me to a place where i could find useful information on this?

    But, i don't think that this is it, because they are somehow getting my conversations without being connected to my computer.

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    The person might be using AIMsniff, or another packet sniffer. They'd technically not be "on" your PC, if that's what the guy/girl is claiming. I'd post links, but I have to make this quick, when I get back home, I'll put up some links that might help.

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    but wouldn't you kinda need to connect to my computer to view the packets?

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    No. He/she would just have to be somewhere on your network. Sniffers intercept packets in transit, so the person would not have to be inside of your machine at all to get this kind of info. If you have no experience with them, at all, you may want to experiment with Ethereal, or Iris, to get an idea of how they work. Iris is probably the most user-friendly, but after the trial period, it's $1000. Sorry about the lack of links, I'll post active links if i get time. (playing in a 9-ball tourney at a bar nearby )


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    There has been some very positive response to your question, and I must admit that AIM is not my strongpoint............I do not like AOL period. I suggest that you might try a simple elimination process? You may well have tried a lot of these, so please forgive me, I just want to confirm that you have

    1. Download and update AdAware6.0 from it
    2. Download and run SpyBot Search & Destroy, update and run it
    3. Update (again!) your AV and run it with everything "on" like heuristics, scan compressed files have time for a beer whilst this is happening

    This is to establish that you do not have any "standard" scumware on your machine.............boring, but you have to do it!

    Try going to where they have a number of specialist (free) tools that protect instant messaging systems. Not sure if any will work for you........sorry, I do not use IM much.

    AOL/TIME/WARNER...................a true "marriage made in hell"..........If you are paying them, make them sort the problem, and see what happens..................I said that I do not like AOL....maybe the leopard has changed his spots?............I doubt it....

    Now for the "dirty stuff"......I work in the defence industry, where security is of some interest.

    Is your machine physically secure? or do you share it/others could have physical access?

    Are you running on a wireless network?

    Try a google for "TEMPEST" and "nonstop"...................I can say no more

    You might also try creating a new user/whatever in AOL......WITH A DIFFERENT PASSWORD!!!! and see if you get the problem.

    That will do for a start.........................let me know what happens please..............I am really $%%^^&& off by people who do this sort of thing...I trusted someone with my box, and just minimised AO, and he went in and flamed/negged people using my ID............not a nice feeling, so you have my complete sympathy!

    Good Luck

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    i did all that but i guess i'll give it a try

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    I have about 50 processes running. I cannot tell which should or shouldn't be running. any suggestions?

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    So its not possible to see what you are doing on your computer unless there is some software installed on that computer?

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