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    outlook 2000

    Hey all, another call for help

    I use outlook and one of those messages popped up like "do you want to arcive old items" I didn't read it through( dumb i know). It made another set of personal folders. Now everything that I had is in the old set, contacts etc. and all my mail goes to the new set and my palm syncs to the new set. Does anybody know what I might have done or how to remove the old set. So I can sync back with the old set.

    Thanks for any input

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    I'm not quite sure but it might work with "Import" Feature and you should give the path to the old items... and then delete old items (make a backup first!!!) You might want to read the HELP from Outlook too searching "archiving", sorry I aint using... It depends also on the method used to "archive" the items since one is keeping the messages and deleting the headers or keeping all the headers, etc.

    Good luck!

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    I'm under Outlook XP but I think you have the AutoArchive Option on... You can turn if off or customize under Tools/Option/Others/Auto Archive..

    Hope it help.
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    More information woudl be helpful.

    From what I gather, your autoarchive has backed up everything. And you cannot see the old information anymore. All new information is going into what seems like new folders. I hope I read your information correctly.

    OK...by default if you didnt change the autoarchive settings, the location on the autoarchive folder will be - Document and Settings\usrid\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

    what you will need to do would be to add that personal folder in and just transfer the mail to the new personal folder. and then remove the old personal folder. this should put all your information in one location and you would not have to do anyhting about the palm syncing. After that, just remove the now empty personal folder and disable the auto archive feature and all should be fine.

    Let me know if you have other queries or if my explanation is not clear enough and I'll be willing to help out.

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