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    Need Computer Help

    I am using Windows ME and I get this pop up message quite often: Explorer has caused an error in <unknown>. Explorer will now close. (see the attached picture)
    If anyone has any idea how to fix it, please reply. Thanks!

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    Have you searched for this item.. ie using Google
    you would have had this page -
    one of the first (the third) links here would have brought you here -
    or here;en-us;Q276405

    Now if that dosent apply to you.. then..

    What software was installed JUST before this problem started.. or
    What Hardware (and of course drivers and software) was installed..
    What windows updates, upgrades or patches were installed?
    Have you tried a system restore to before this time?
    Have you tried checking for parasite software using one of the following prog.. Ad-Aware 6 or Spybot S&D 1.2 (withAug 15 updates)..
    Have you been playing with the registry?

    But what research have you done.. we need to know what step in the "und3rtak3r service manual" you are upto..

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    Wink update

    If you have an older version of explorer, try updating it. You probably got a corrupted file. Also itís good to update your windows me.


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    turn off error reporting

    Just a suggestion.....
    Spread Firefox.

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