The price of gas.
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Thread: The price of gas.

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    The price of gas.

    Before you complain about the recent rise in gas prices...

    While drivers grumble about prices, a gallon of gas in 2002 cost less on average than it did 20 years earlier, when adjusted for inflation.

    I am old enough to remember the horrible gas shortages of the 1970s,
    made worse, IMO, by unrealistic price controls. They would set the price
    real low, so it would be "affordable", but there wasn't any available.
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    did anyone notice how over the holiday weekend last week the gas prices went up 10-15 cents, then droped back down monday night? Isn't this illegal? Taking advantage of a time when you know everyone is driving?
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    No it's business.

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    It's economics - when demand increases, so does price.
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    actually i think it is illegal ..because Bush can set a price on gas ...lets say maximum 2.80$ per galon ...and if someone sets it more then that it is illegal ...i think i heard that somewhere ....can anyone prove me wrong ? please do ?

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