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Thread: Violated In The Workplace!

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    Question Violated In The Workplace!

    I have a feeling a coworker cracked my box at work. He is a self proclaimed "hacker" and has a habit of editing the registries of other peoples puters. I think he used one of those external keystroke loggers to crack in- a number of times when i would log on the message "improper external hardware disconnection" would appear(something to that effect). Never saw evidence in the event logs, though.
    Now, however, I cannot get windows to boot. A long message about the password not being correct appears. It is windows 2000 pro. Any Advice?
    I really have no sysadmin expertise.

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    Have your system administrator fix it for you, beat the $h1t outta your coworker, have him fired and the problem is solved......

    OTOH, if you were just looking for help to crack someone elses box that probably won't help you much..... But, then again, that is my intent....... Good Luck.....
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    oOK. I'll check with our sysadmin. I will get fired if I beat the $not out of the perp. Sad, but I think my immediate super was in on it, too (he seemed spooked when i couldn't log on)....I hope that the sysadmin can figure it out and implicate them......

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    When somebody boasts "hacking" ability is 99% likely they in fact do not. I have never met any true cracker or hacker that would boast something like that, why would they? It would be plain silly. I always remember the old saying "They talk the talk but do not walk the walk." I think this is very true in your case.

    If he/she has a hardware keylogger installed, I do not think it would announce an "improper hardware disconnection" when it is designed to hide itself from you. Furthermore, the need for editing the regsitry on your box would be unnecessary if there is an external keylogger installed (this keylogger does not use any software to edit itself in the registry or other files so it can be OS independant). If all strokes are being logged, all this person has to do is look at what was typed and simply use your credentials (eg username/password).

    Hardware keloggers are expensive as you can see here: http://www.keyghost.com/newproducts.htm and somebody just wanting to look at whatever at work does not seem cost effective way to do so. Think about it. Why would somebody spend a couple hundred bucks to see what you have? What do you do? Do you handle credit cards, pr0n accounts, sensitive information that can be used for the other persons' advantage? There has to be a serious reason to do that. I doubt there is a hardware keylogger installed.

    Thing is, there is no way to know unless you investigate further, and since I do not know your work's policy on what you can do with your workstation I am not going to make any suggestions aside the normal run your anti-virus and ask your system administrator to check any abnormalities for you.

    Aside all this jabbering, you need to relax and think this person is most likely bullshitting you.

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    It's not your computer, so it's really not your problem.
    If you can't log on using the proper password, let the admin
    sort it out. The company, no doubt, has an interest in controlling
    who has access to which machines and which accounts and shares.

    The self-professed hacker will soon go too far, and they will deal with
    him if he becomes a threat to the security of company computers.
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    I have never met any true cracker or hacker that would boast something like that, why would they?
    Couldn't have said it better myself. I'm no "hacker" and I don't think I'll ever think of myself as one because no matter how much I now about computers, hacking, cracking, programming, web design, and whatever else, I know that there are *always* people that can make me look like a complete moron. Most people that begin to know anything about computers also begin to realize how much info is really out there, and they begin to realize how little the really know.

    If you have a hardware keylogger on your computer wouldn't you be able to see it? Like an extra thing attached between the keyboard and the tower? If you think it's a hardware keylogger then that's the first thing you should check for. Also, when a person says that they're a hacker, then they probably know just barely enough to be dangerous....so I would be wary, but this person will probably do something stupid and get caught so you only have to wait for him/her to screw themselves. You should definately talk to the sys-admin bc I don't know of one that doesn't take the threat of a hacker seriously.....in fact they usually over-react a little. Good luck, and I hope everything turns out for the best!

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    Re: Violated In The Workplace!

    Originally posted here by rednekluvmonkey
    I have a feeling a coworker cracked my box at work. He is a self proclaimed "hacker" and has a habit of editing the registries of other peoples puters.

    I just have to laugh at that comment, the dood is a "self proclaimed hacker?" thats funny as hell. It's probly some joker who knows how to use ping, and the remote management feature in Win2k.

    Hacker is not really a title you give yourself, your co-worker is a lamer!
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    If you ever have any problems with your computer and the place you work has a sysadmin, or a support officer ect notafy them straight away so as the problem could be aradicated. also you say you cant beet the sh(t out of him... well why6 do u not takl to your sysadmin, or the person incharge of that particular department, and get then to do and audit of everyines pc's, Logs, ectand maybe watch everyones activite as well especially that particular person u beleave to be the course of it all...

    Just a thought


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    I do not know the organisation that you work for (please don't post it), but I would imagine that when you joined you got a nice glossy booklet about how great they were?

    Somewhere towards the end you will find a chapter about computers/systems etc?

    It will point out that your "co-worker" has comitted an instant dismissal offence.

    Please photocopy this; highlight the relevant paragraph, and leave it on their desk.

    softee, softee, catchee monkey?

    Please do not attempt to load any software.................this will be an instant dismissal offence?

    Good Luck

    BTW..............your organisation will be better off without people like that around.......so do not take prisoners here.........SYSADMIN gets paid for a job........make them do it............you might also have a "site security officer".........involve them.

    This actually sounds like a form of sexual harassment to me (your honour ) so there are other ways of "skinning the cat" so to speak?

    Good Luck, and keep us posted

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    download a tool called ntpasswd, it is a bootdisk utility that can reset windows 2000 and xp passwords. after you've logged back into your machine, run msconfig and select the startup tab to select which programs and services you want initiated at startup, if there's a keylogger on your system, chances are it's here. run antivirus, windows update, then read a tutorial from the tutorial section about how to secure your box against intruders (there are plenty, pick one). the bad news is: in the hands of an experienced hacker, no box is secure when you're sitting in front of it.. the good news is, this guy sounds like anything but. If your systemadmin or boss won't fire this *******, take that ntpasswd disk over to his box, see how much skill this guy actually has. chances are if they wouldn't fire him, you're fine too.
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