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Thread: Going Back To School Sale!

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    Going Back To School Sale!

    I know this is not a common topic, but I am going back to school and I can't bring my desktop and I don't have enough money for a gaming laptop. So I put my PC and Laptop on ebay for sale. $1800.00 for a Dell Latitude CPx (Win2K) 500 MHz P3, 128 MB RAM, 12 GB Hard Drive (Carry Case, Modem, Nic, Wireless Nic, etc) & Dell Dimension 8100 (Win Me & XP) 1.3GHz P4, 1024 MB Rambus 400 MHz RAM, 40GB Hard Drive (CD-RW, DVD, GeForce 3 64MB, Turtle Beach Sound, 5 pc Speakers, 21" Monitor, etc) its all on ebay here.

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