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    Good thread

    As this is bumped here is my frump.

    The most popular brands like Norton and MacAfee are seriously in need of some new ideas/scanning engines.

    I can upload a proof of concept .exe zipped what will bypass Norton and MacAfee but will install a Trojan when executed on you’re computer. This can be quite tricky when the Trojan/backdoor/rat has firewall bypass and AV kill running.

    I rate Kaspersky highly because so far, this will detect these everyday Trojans binded/hexed with another file. (Even adding bytes can bypass these leading industry AV’s)?

    Motto being

    “Just because a certain percent of the majority say something is good, doesn’t mean it is”

    Edit (Just remembered)
    F-secure, kapersky & another AV perhaps beginning with "A" use similar scanning techniques?
    (Though don’t quote me on that)

    So in theory you should be as safe with one as with the other. Depending on that particular company’s service/updates.

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    Heloo everyone,

    I just wanted to add another known antivirus which no one talked about.
    And that is SOPHOS AV.

    The FACT that people ignore FACTS
    doesnt mean that FACTS are not FACTS

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    One More Antivirus

    DrWeb http://www.sald.com/
    // too far away outside of limit

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