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[B]..but this person keeps finding my PC and attacking/dismantling my firewall/antivirus.
What evidence do you have for this happening?

In my experience, most people who report attacks on AO are not in fact being attacked at all.

I wrote a tutorial on it in fact, here http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=236583

They keep 'pinging' and sending TCPs but how do they identify my PC without there being a trojan??
Right, how do you know it's always the same person pinging you?

Most machines on the internet are pinged fairly frequently, by all sorts of different parties for their own (mostly legitimate) reasons. It is not really a threat.

If you don't want your machine to receive TCP packets, don't bother having an internet connection

Do you use peer to peer or instant messaging software? If so, turn it off for a few hours and then look again.