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    hahahahaha america hahaha

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    Originally posted here by Nightfalls_Girl
    Oh please dont any of u ppl think that it is just a BIT suspicious that the US lost power, the London lost it, and now parts of Sydney have lost it??
    Consider the current world status d00ds...
    I think its just a TAD bit LINKED to TERRORRISOM....
    tho thats just my oppinion

    You have it all wrong!! Its a government conspiracy to control our minds!
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    My opinion

    My opinion>

    My opinion is that this is just an excuse. Since we seem to have the blaster worm in control, maybe the government wants to think that we have the black outs in our control as well. The way that I see it, entrusting a major portion of the United State's power on a network of computer systems is a little strange right off the bat.

    Now think about this. A patch was issued for the blaster worm on July 16, 2003 (http://www.microsoft.com/security/se...s/ms03-026.asp), before the black outs occured. It would seem logical that a network of computers this vital to our nation would be storming on the Microsoft Website to get this patch on every computer they can get. In conclusion, it is my opinion that the Blaster worm is not related at all to the black outs.


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    i think post 9/11 its not only tabliod news papers that put 2 and 2 togehter and get 45, it happens everywhere, once the media gets 2 story that kinda gel together people try to read stuff into it,

    I think its pretty unlikely, that the power cut in the UK would have made the news if it wasnt for the US one, It was the underground that was affect, and look at the state of are trains, i thinnk thats where the blame lays,

    power cuts happen all the time, its just the US one was so big and affected millions, also it hit New York which is a city that due to bad things has been in the news allot so gets allot of press courage


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    Originally posted here by CXGJarrod

    You have it all wrong!! Its a government conspiracy to control our minds!
    Ill pay you that one.. you do have a valid point!!!


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    check out this new research findings


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    OK guys and galls (nightfall at least)

    I have to take a lesson from George Washington and the cherry tree.................it was I, not the cat, wot done it!

    I forgot to put 50 cents in the meter?.....and the 50p in London............double indemnity?

    Come on folks.............who do these guys think they are kidding..............remeber this when they next ask for our votes


    BTW geoff hoon ( our defence minister...but not for long?)..............."not my responsibility", and that is re. the Iraq war........."defence minister" Saddam is alive and well and living in my dog kennel? Oh well

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    Ok I have been told at times that I'm too paranoid...But Im with nightfalls_girls theory...I think terrorist are behind it.....If you want to break into a system first test there security, if your having problems send them a virus to shake it up a bit...Just the same if you wanted to do some illegal activity via smuggling something fairly easy to detect into our homeland, with the heightened security alert it would be very difficult....However with no power it might be alot easier....Just a thought, but once again I have been accused of being paranoid before..
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    Lost boy, very interesting theory. I honelstly never thought about it like that. Let's just hope your wrong, I am an EMT and Firefighter. I'll be the one cleaning up the mess if your right. That's life.


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