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Thread: help bonzi bastards

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    help bonzi bastards

    I have recently been doing a little downloading. Now i am on hell! I feel like crying, It started when I noticed me connection was slow, I checked speed and it was 50.0005 (standard) So I used Netstat at the command prompt to see what connections were open. 15!, with www.bonzi.com alone!!! 3 or 4 others that were normal connections. Help me! I am so sick of windows right now. Thats it, I am going to hook up through my Linux hard drive. Send response when you have one. thanks!
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    thats what happens when you allow java script and activeX controls to run without prompting. things like this get to install themselves.

    get and run adaware:


    then tighten up your settings
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    I guess you could use LavaSoft Add-aware to remove some spyware programs that were installed (gain_trickler for example) or you could use a firewall to block the conections to those IP-s.

    Try first with the add-aware removal software!

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    Uninstalling bonzi buddy should do the trick

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    Had the same problem - that stupid ****ing Bonzi Buddy monkey thing.

    Lava Softs Ad-Aware gets rid of it.


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    I'm wondering...... Especially with this Bonzi and Gator POS'...... Since they give you no warning that they are about to install software on your computer that will take bandwidth you paid for not them, and that the software is usually installed before you get to see any warning on the web page is there anything legal that could be done about this?

    Any Legal Beagles out there..... From any country that may be able to tale them on?
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    hehehe actually i think there is always a question if you agree installing that add-proggies, e.g. DivX bundle tells you that you'll install gain_trickler too or they put it on the site you downlod the software so you can't really complain... i guess the question is if its legal when that add program actually downloads and install with no question if you agree some other spyware...

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    in the case of divx and the gain trickler, gain is only included with the pro adware version, and is only if you want to be able to encode divx movies. notice if you install it divx pro gain bundle then uninstall the gain trickler, you can no longer encode divx movies but you can watch them. you can get the same effect by downloading the other, non-adware version of divx. many peices of software don't give you the option to download a non-adware version of their software. my policy is: once it's on my computer, its mine. any programmer worth his balls who didn't want me using his software without ads could easily have made it impossible. If most people aren't smart enough to figure out how, and a few are, I seriously doubt he gives a damn. that's just my opinion.
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