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Thread: Last Reply Bug

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    Last Reply Bug

    I don't think anyone has said anything about, this but there is a bug that I have seen where the last reply date on a, Post will be different then the actual last reply in the thread, Go to Tech Humer and look at this thead http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=245746

    Look at the date that is within the thread, and look at the one, that you see when looking at it in the Forim.


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    Sharp eye, I think this has to do with bumping a thread.
    I checked it and indeed: when you bump a thread it recieves a new 'time stamp'.

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    there was something mentioned about it about a month or so ago, some of Gore's Bastard series got bumped... noodle is right - a bumped message does recieve a new timestamp... Neg would probably be able to tell you more if you ask him.

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    I was updating my picture in my file and I noticed this.

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    AFAIK: when you bump a thread, it alters the last reply time to the current time. This means that when the threads are sorted by last reply date, the thread that has been bumped appears first.

    As an aside, I tried writing a thread-bumping mod for phpBB, but it ranks threads by the ID of the last post in the thread (which does the same thing as by time, but you can't change it) so you would have to alter the way forums are sorted as well (I managed to get it to work, but it involved changing quite a few files).
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