I was trying to find how vunerable our network is to l0phtcrack sniffing.

I am running Windows ME under Win4Lin 3 using VNET networking.

I have installed WinPCap 3 and l0phtcrack 3.02

It seems that Win4Lin (possibly vnetd) does filtering/forwarding so that the VNET virtual NIC card on Windows ME only sees traffic for its own IP and hence the only password it can sniff is my own (Which after 16 hours it still hasn't got)

I know I can go and install this on a widows box, but I've spent the morning digging and I can't find out what to do to get all the traffic through to the Virtual NIC in ME.

I've messed with iptables to no avail.

I've done my best to track the init files for Win4Lin and as best as I can tell it starts vnetd wich is where I've been looking, but I'm lost.

I've had little success with google - so I'm not asking the right question.

Does anyone have any idea how to configure vnetd (or elsewhere) so that all the traffic gets through to the VNET NIC?