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Thread: That's it we're screwed!!

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    Angry That's it we're screwed!!

    Well we could be..

    Read the story from here for more details, as to why we shouldn't worry. yet.. but in the mean time what will I have to put aside each week to have my own mini space shuttle ready for a few days b4 31st march 2014..

    LONDON, England (Reuters) -- A giant asteroid is heading for Earth and could hit in 2014, U.S. astronomers have warned British space monitors.

    But for those fearing Armageddon, don't be alarmed -- the chances of a catastrophic collision are just one in 909,000.
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    there's a number of asteroids like this wondering around the heavens, astronomers are always discovering them. We are overdue to be hit by a massive asteroid - apparently they hit once every 10-20,000 years or something like that.... just to cheer you up

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    /me goes to dig a lil hole in the garden, and fills it with beer and a bed. Let it come, im ready for it
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    No need to worry. If it's going to hit we will know way ahead of time with the technology they have today. The only thing is, will we be able to evacuate???? That's the real issue here.

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    I WANT MOMMY ..WAHHHHHH .....for real now i dont think we'll be hit ..but then again we may get hit ..ah hell we'll find out in 2014 or earlier for sure

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    Didn't any of you fools see Armageddon? All we have to do is fly up and land on the asteroid, drill into the center and fill it with nuclear warheads. It's really quite simple! *movies are real, right?* Seriously, if I was a gambling man I would look at 1 in 909,000 as a pretty good bet that we should survive this one.

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    I think it is 100 % bull, people have been saying the earth is going to come to a end countless times. I think it is another scheme to get people to buy news papers, the national enquirer and those other store magazines

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    No need to worry. If it's going to hit we will know way ahead of time with the technology they have today

    last year we had 3 near hits (140 - 160k miles) and we didnt know 2 were coming until after they passed. not nearly as big as the one your talking about 1 mile wide. and the speed of this thing is incredible. they say its traveling at 20 miles a second...thats 72000 miles an hour but the chances of it hitting us in2014 are slim (1) to none (0)...maybe next time around
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