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Thread: can they blow you cover

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    can they blow you cover

    Hi Guys

    i got a Question

    Say u purchase a Dedicated Server or a Reseller account from another webhosting company

    is it possible that someone could trace you 2 the webhosting company that you orginally bought it from thus blowing your cover?

    ive got a reseller account myself when i do a whois it resolves to my name,however is there a way of people finding out what company i bought it from??

    wud it work with whois or do you have to dig deeper?

    bye for now

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    Yeah they can,

    try putting your address on this page and find out !



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    Absolutely, they can trivially find out who owns the IP range, that will almost certainly be the hosting company.

    Are you trying to resell web space that you aren't allowed to resell or something?

    My hosting provider certainly allows us to resell hosting


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    No, he is saying from what I understand, He has a reseller's license but when he sells this web space he wants it to be sold as his and not who he is reselling for. If the buyer was to find out who he is selling for, why not just cut out the middle man. This is the way I understand it.

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    Yup thats what i meant @gamer

    nothing dodgy or anything

    Just wondering if my cover can be blown cos we are offering reseller accounts to customers and selling them a bit more expensive then how ever much our reseller sells them for!

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