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Thread: DVD Ripping

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    DVD Ripping

    This has probably been answered and I am being admittedly lazy in not searching for previous threads first- but does anyone have a recommendation for ripping copy-protected DVD's?

    Before flaming or negging me for "illegal" activity- I am actually trying to make backup copies of my own DVD's which I already own- a perfectly legal activity and legal right which I feel the movie industry has infringed upon by making me have to jump through hoops to do it.

    So- is there a favorite software application or method out there that people use when making legal backup copies of their own copy protected DVD's??

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    Not to sure about different copy protects on DVDs but DivX always works well for me for ripping,its an uber-avi format. As for straight 1-to-1 copies on protected stuff try Alcohol 120%, that **** can copy anything. As for the legal issue, I didn't **** my pants when people started using VCR's to tape stuff off HBO and I don't really feel worked up about it now either, I guess I'm just ammoral.

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    This site has been a proven help for me time and again, it has instructions on how to rip copy and convert all video formats.. I hope it is what you were looking for

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    I am just learning the DVD universe. I bought a writer last week. The definitive source I have used to date is CD Media World There is a lot of info to absorb. Haven't found the all inclusive solution yet....

    The software library is extensive and the copy protection identification software is handy to understand what you could be up against.
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    DVD X Copy.

    I have been using it for a few months now; have made 100+ straight 1:1 dvd copies with very few problems.

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    DVD X-Copy (any version, Xpress, Gold, Plus, etc.), are excellent programs. http://www.dvdxcopy.com/products.asp. You should be able to get a Trial version on the web. Have Phun.
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    look for a program bundle called "gordian knot" it is a bundle of programs that automates the usually grueling process of ripping protected dvds
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    Try this place out:

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    If you have to use windows, then I'd recommend dvdx as an all in one dvd ripping solution. For linux, I'd use transcode. Both programs leave you with a high quality film.

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