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Thread: what the hell is wrong with you!

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    what the hell is wrong with you!


    please ban me if you are going to close my thread again!!!!!!! i do not want to make part of a comunity of rude people who do not know how to chat or talk (and i am not going to explain...). for those who care (PLEASE THOSE WHO DO NOT CARE (FOR EXAMPLE THOSE WHO REPLIED TO THE LAST POST) DO NOT REPLAY TO THIS THREAD) as i was saying, microsoft internet explorer is the big thing that makes microsoft windows not secure and unstable, this is just one of the examples for what we can do with this "tricks". i think we can get a much better microsoft windows system with this "guides".

    what do you think about
    what do you know about
    what should you do about

    strewth! made by tony flecchia?


    about 98lite pro and the other project?



    and what about hyperos?


    please view my three sugentions, i sugest you to study them because i think this is something very important and useful.


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    1st: Your first link doesn't work.

    2nd: Your first post of this wasn't clear and this one is a bit clearer but not much more so.

    3rd: I don't see the connection between IE and these sites. Wouldn't it be better to use something other than IE?
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    rude people who do not know how to chat or talk
    GCC is for chatting. Your post was in the Microsoft Security Discussion forums. Read the FAQ!

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    The EOS versions are copies of windows that do not include IE. Microsoft claimed it wasn't possible so a couple companies did it. I think that was his point about it, but I am not sure.

    Have no idea how hyperos fits in with anything he said. Not even completely sure what it is. Sounds like it runs multiple copies of windows in virtual drives or some crap.
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    oh... not anuther anoying person... I thought i was the only one who was ment to be that...
    Thats it I quit, I cant handle these working conditions anymore...



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