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Thread: Cell Phone Tracking

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    Cell Phone Tracking

    So I here that 911 can track your cell phone now. My question is can we track each other's cell phone's and how???

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    well, yes and no. i think 911 does it cuz ur actually calling them, im not really sure tho. But, if you want to track a cell phone that is not calling you, first you will need a cell scanner. i think the policy on these is like the legal policy with cable descramblers. not illegal to have, but illegal to use, but once again, im not sure. then you have to be in the area of the cell phone. when you pick up the transmission from the cell phone, your scanner will tell you it's identification number, and a signal strength. to track it, find where the signal strenght is the strongest. now this is what i know, if it's wrong or something, someone else tell me. hope this helps
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    those running the system, can track your cell phone geographically, even if it is turned off with a "dead" battery.

    authorities can avail of such a facility in exceptional circumstances. such as missing persons cases etc.

    My question is can we track each other's cell phone's and how???
    from my experience, which is none, i would have to say no. the cellular network was not designed for the end users to be able to ``track'' each other. so if it was possible to do this you would have to use a non-standard approach. perhaps an indepth understanding of how cellular networks work may shed a few photons on the subject. <smil />
    my question is ... since a cell phone is a radio transmitter and reciever, why do we have to go through the network to talk to someone that is across the street. obviously this is because phone companies are greedy and want to keep making as much money as possible. but it shouldn't be a problem to use a cell phone as a walkie-talkie type device in a local area.
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