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    Basic Firewall Suggestions

    I am running a small network which will soon be hosting a small Web Site, At the moment all of the systems are running Windows NT sith SP6a. I am looking for a small firewall to use, I`ve checked out the common ones like zone alarm but i have not yet found one that i am happy with. Hopefully once i have a better understanding of Linux i will run a linux box puerly for a firewall but untill then i am looking for a small firewall that will just run in the background. I just need something simple, all i want is to be able to enter the ports i want blocked and leave it at that, i do not need or want the extra features that are in firewalls like zone alarm.
    I am hoping some of the more experienced users here will have some suggestions to a firewall that will meet my needs.
    Thanks in advance.

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    I run a small site on my home PC, I use regular old norton personal firewall 2003. It has served me well so far.
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    Check out some old threads on recommended firewalls:


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    i use kerio personal firewall for all my computers. it works great and from my own tests and research, i think it provides better protection than zonealarm.

    kerio is free for home use and can be downloaded at http://www.kerio.com/kpf_download.html

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    I would recommend Sygate Personal Firewall Professional. I have used it before, and found it works well for most basic operations. However, if you want improved security and flexibility, I would have to recommend you setting up a dedicated linux box as a hardware firewall.

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    ei check this link for linux based firewall you can search on google.com or downloads.com or at the linuxsecurity.com tty this one out

    try searching the web for the other linux based firewall

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    The following is a very cheap and reliable solution for a firewall.

    1. Get two NICs. One will connect to the internet the other to the internal network.
    2. Configure and install linux (i prefer RedHat). Install IPTABLES or IPCHAINS for the traffic across the two NICs and on the server machine. This way firewall rules can be made as you like, for IPCHAINS see
    3.In addition to above you can also install an IDS such as snort

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    cheers for all the suggestions guys.
    i installed kirio personal firewall this morning and its seems quite efficent so far.
    thanks for the linux links, i will hopefully have a linux box up and running in the next couple of weeks its just i`d rather learn as much as possible about linux before i risk my security on something i don`t fully understand yet.

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