Ah finally, someone is coming forward to educate the curious. This place still has a hope and not just a gossip junction of lamers pretending like they know everything.

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Ok sorry ennis and other AOers but im not going to sit back and kiss anyones ass here. You'll probably want to flame and neg me but im gonna go ahead and just say it... I've always posted whatever I wanted to and have never censored myself so im never gonna start that or change to please others...

I got into computers because I grew up around them. My grandma was a admin, my mom worked in tech support for awhile intil landing a few better computer related jobs. I had quit school when I was 13, most of my friends had either died or moved away so the only thing I have left was my mom's old colledge computer books & a few computers to entertain me. Like I said... it was all I had at the time so when someone calls me a "hacker" I become a bit offensive about it cause they are basicly saying that my major skill in life is sitting on my ****ing ass all day while mashing ****ing buttons. Im not proud of the fact that the hours I've spent on computers which probably equal years... years that have been wasted... and in end the end I will probably spend the rest of my days working tech-support or auto repair then waste even more of my life on electronics. I don't feel smart, I don't feel like I've contributed anything, I don't feel important. I don't need a ****ing label to enjoy computers... I do what I want just because I feel like doing things.

There is no ****ing "ranking" your either into computers or your not... and I also think the word "hacker" was ment as a complement to everyone who is into technical things... so calling yourself a "hacker" is just being stupid, a pompus pig, & not to mention greedy. Lets face the facts mostly 99.9% of the peaple reading **** like this want to label themselves as "hackers" for popularity, a job that doesn't involve phisical labor, to appear as someone who is "smart", or just for some excitment in their lame and boreing lives. All of which of course are trivial and lame reasons to become anything at all.

P.S. I just got PMed a few days ago about how to do "hacking" or "cracking" & ****. But I liked it better when there was more normal and smarter peaple running around on the board... so gee thanks alot for bringing back more ****ers here...
when was the last time you posted anything useful. Did any one ask your biography here? Thanks for posting it here anyways. Now you can give me some neg.