Moving on to the next level.

Just to state that where the term 'hacker' is used I am referring to the real, true meaning. If you dont know I mean by this you are probably at the wrong site. If you dislike the term just put computer enthusiast/security guru! etc. instead of hacker. I have seen numorous debates over the use of 'hacker' and personally I use the term. I dont wish to see this thread become a debate over terminology.

This is the first in a series of ‘hacking theory’ tutorials/essays I have started to write. Before I post any more I would like to know what people think. Is it pointless? I am interested as it doesent contain any technical information. It is a pet project and this took only a few minutes but wanted to see what kind of reaction it would get before I begin on a longer set of essays.
Hope you enjoy,
Be honest!

Have you ever felt as someone interested in computers that you are stuck on a skill level that you are destined to be stuck at forever. This tutorial addresses that phase when as a newbie you feel you are unable to develop your skill. In other words a ‘how to get past the neophythe stage’.

Entering the world of computers can be daunting and scary. It is easy to be mislead by hopes of becoming some kind of Hollywood hacker *that damn film*. Most people begin whether they will admit it or not with these ideas in their heads, not the old skool people now they probably grew up coding in QBasic but that’s a different story *long live DOS!*. Now once you get past that awkward childish stage you may find yourself at a site like AntiOnline. Here hopefully if you are a newb you will discover what ‘hacking’ actually is. It may surprise that security is the direction you were always going in. Once you get the ethics you will find a wealth of information on offer. How to utilize it may be daunting for a newbie but the trip is worth it especially if you a still lost for a career! Of course not everybody enters the world of security through this way, some people grow up surrounded by computers. They spend their youth living, breathing and not sleeping round computers. For those of us who didnt, this is just another obstacle for us to overcome, but it can be done. For those of you born with a keyboard strapped to your hands, all I can say is you got a headstart!

Ok, so now you may be doubtful. All people have doubts when they enter a new field and security is no different. As a newbie in the field, one thing should occupy your mind. How can I make progress and develop myself and my skills. One problem I witness a lot is when a newbie tries to learn something new, say he takes a hand at programming or setting up a server, anything really. Once they hit a problem they may abandon that project in search of a new field. I recommend instead you work as hard as you can at overcoming any problems you come across, as someone intersted in computers you become essentially a problem solver. This will be your dedication, solving problems because you enjoy doing so. For examples of this just check out the boards, people essentially spend time solving problems for both the posters needs but also to develop their own skills.

As you progress and overcome any problems that face you, you will accumulate knowledge. This is what progress is all about. Tasks that once posed problems, no longer do. Why? Well because you solved them! This however takes, time and practice. Theory is good but practice is better. When you feel tasks become less difficult this is when you will feel like progress is being made. If you find that you skip over difficult problems and concepts that once hassled you as a newbie you can hardly claim that you have become better!

A problem with being a neophythe is that you may find yourself stuck in a rut, believing as it were that you are destined to be just average. Those people you see on IRC talking that crazy Unix stuff are just wizards, geniuses, I could never do that! This is a static position so many people find themselves in. A neophythe in order to elevate his talents must dedicate his/her time to developing on to the next stage, natural talent can be capitilised upon to amazing levels! Lets face they aint geniuses ( well some are ) they just work hard and love what they do. That’s why they have such extensive knowledge of their field. In a world where we have such access to education they is no denying that we can be more or less what we want to be (excluding dragons, hobbits and other such makey uppey things!). Is some-one elite because they have access to secret files on security! Bah! Its there for us all to utilize, now wheres that Windows source code…well you know what I mean!

Now if you have a problem you cannot overcome it will become a barrier holding you back from your goal ie security guru, programmer etc. It must be overcome for the sake of your development, this can be a problem shared. Work with others who are learning to solve your problem, beneifiting with their knowledge, try solve their problems, benefit them with your knowledge!

Now remember progression does not come with repetition, always look to elevate your skills. Once you have conquered one aspect of your field, move on for fear of being bogged down. Security is a wide field, abandon one corner and who knows who might trespass?
So, as I leave you I hope you find it in you to develop yourself as a security guru. Maybe you will go tackle that problem that’s been hindering your development!
Good luck!